.: about aethyr

Aethyr were created on May 30, 2007 by Major & Lord Mephisto Draven. It was the night that "Ruined Souls" was recorder live - as it is in the demo, "...reign of mind". In the days that followed, "Trapped" was written by Major, trying to establish the sound of aethyr. During the recordings, Hidden Q was accepted as the third member of the project since it was meant to be.

Aethyr's goal is to create surreal soundscapes, full of atmosphere and discreet ambience, manifesting new worlds in utter blackness, morphic oceans of infinite chaos and dark, timeless universes of celestial majesty. Aethyr are currently writing material for the debut album - yet to be named. Due to Major's involvement in several other (musical, mainly) projects, work on the aethyr debut album had been postponed for quite some time. In his last statement he sees the album coming to light somewhere in the middle of 2009. However nothing is really certain at this point; only that the album will finally be out soon enough.