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aethyr - ...reign of mind cover

.: it matters

Our first release is here! The demo, named "...reign of mind", consists of three tracks at a runtime of 18:18 and is available for download in the releases page. Of course you can always enjoy the tracks in our sounds page.

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.: site updates

12 June 08
another wallpaper's been added to images
28 Feb 08
the first aethyr wallpaper added to images
30 Dec 07
a band photo's been added to images
30 Nov 07
some pictures were added to images

.: announcements

We have added a lot of banners for you to use in our images section, where we will host all of aethyr's visual art. This is mainly provided for you to use anything you might like in your own sites. More to come soon...

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.: aethyr news

17 Feb 09
news update on debut here
19 May 08
just an update: still working on the album
28 Feb 08
"...reign of mind" available on
29 Nov 07
new album: we're half way there
27 Sep 07
aethyr's site is now online
07 Aug 07
"...reign of mind" [ DEMO ] released!




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